Welcome to Shivangini Academy!
Shivangini Academy, located in the Houston area (Sugar Land, TX) is a unique school focusing on teaching the
beautiful dances and musical instruments of northern India.  The dance wing of the school focuses on teaching
Kathak based Bhav Nritya, and other traditional folk dances. The percussion instruments wing of the school
focuses on teaching Tabla and Dholak. The school is currently attended by over 250 enthusiastic young  children,
teenagers, and ladies. The school is run by Mrs. Shiva Mathur who has over 20 years of experience in teaching.  
She began her career in Lucknow (India).  Her gurus include professionals at the Bhatkhande Institute in Lucknow,
India, and her own very talented grandmother Late Mrs. Shanti Sahai ‘Nalini’ who was a writer, poetess, radio artist,
dance teacher, and a renowned literary figure in Lucknow.
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Shivangini Academy of Arts
For Dance, Dholak, and Tabla