Kathak is a beautiful  classical  dance style of North India.  The word Kathak comes from the
Hindi word
Katha which means the art of telling a story.  A particular aspect of Kathak is the art
of displaying different human emotions in what is called
Bhaav Nritya.   The focus of Shivangini
Academy is on this very expressive and delicate aspect.   

Tabla lessons start with the basics such as finger positions, understanding the various parts of
the tablas, and correct handling of the tabla.   Instruction is then provided on the basic
and kaida's along with the theoretical aspects (verbal and written).  The ability to play
along with a vocalist, which entails being able to recognize the
taal and match the speed,  is
one of the primary objectives of the Tabla lessons.

This popular percussion instrument of India is excellent to play with folk and traditional songs
at weddings and other social occasions.  Instruction is provide on the various styles (Punjabi,
UP etc.) of playing Dholak.  Special emphasis is paid on teaching  the ability to play along with
a vocalist and to be able to adapt to the 'live' on-stage environment.

All classes are taught personally by
Mrs. Shiva Mathur.  Care is taken to form groups of
students with similar skill levels and needs, keeping the size of each group no more than 10
students.  Classes are offered mostly in the evenings on weekdays, and during daytime on the
weekends.  Special classes for ladies (dance and Dholak) are offered on weekday mornings
as well.
Instruction at Shivangini Academy
Kathak instruction
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