I was blessed to have had the opportunity to spend a large fraction of my
childhood under the loving care of my grandmother Mrs Shanti Sahai  
‘Nalini’ whose expertise in music, dance dholak, tabla, and poetry
provided me with a very unique and rich environment to grow up in. Seeing
her successfully run a dance school in my most impressionable years got
me truly fascinated with the idea of being a dance teacher just like her.
Her popularity as a multi-talented teacher, her amazing knowledge of the
arts, her leadership in so many organizations  and her enigmatic
presence, all and more had a profound impact on my own personality.  
She was the one who provided me with the opportunity to learn from
several very accomplished gurus from renowned institutions like the
Bhatkhande Institute.  My parents further helped nurture my talents by
making it possible for me to learn. They provided the loving atmosphere
for each of my talents to blossom. I am forever indebted to them. Today, I
am what I am entirely due to the blessings of these gurus, my
grandmother, and my parents.

Being a teacher of Indian performing arts here in the United States poses
a special challenge.  The language and style to impart lessons had to be
tailored to a form which students here could relate to.   It became
important to cultivate the atmosphere of culture (which is naturally
prevalent in India) in addition to teaching the art form.   Traditional aspects
of learning such as the
guru-shishya parampara are taught to the
students and there is an expectation of commitment and respect.   It is my
hope and desire to have opened the window of culture and tradition in
these young minds, rather than simply teaching the art itself.

- Shiva Mathur
Mrs. Shiva Mathur
Director, Shivangini Academy
Shiva Mathur - Director of the Academy

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